Power Yoga: Tone
Muscle. Improve
Flexibility. Calm
Your Mind. All
in One Class.

Power Yoga merges fitness
with yoga's ancient wisdom
for a truly unique experience.
Read on to learn more...

Build Strength. Get Lean & Toned.

Yoga poses get you using your body in completely new ways. In some poses, you'll support your body weight with your arms alone, increasing strength. You'll slowly move in and out of other poses, building coordination and toning muscle.

The result: long, lean muscles.

A Stress-Free Mind.

Research shows that much stress can be traced to breathing patterns. When stressful circumstances come into our lives, our breathing gets short. Our muscles tighten. Before you know it, you've got pain from head to toe.

Yoga teaches you to breathe fully and consciously. You'll learn to take control of your stress, and react calmly. After just a few sessions, your entire life will be more stress-free.

Build Strength

Relieve Current Pain. Prevent Future Pain.

If you have tightness in your muscles... get frequent headaches... or have pain in your neck and back... Yoga poses can soothe all of these ailments, quickly. They open the spine, loosen your muscles, and relieve pressure on bones and joints.

In addition, becoming more flexible and limber will prevent future pain. Stress and tension will have a hard time building up in your body. You'll simply feel loose and free.

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